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How is your pension investing your retirement savings in the face of the climate crisis? 

That’s a critical question. Ensuring a prosperous retirement and a healthy planet requires ambitious action from your pension plan now.    

Canada’s top ten pension funds alone manage over $1.5 trillion. How these funds invest your retirement dollars is a major factor in how quickly we can transition to a low-carbon economy while growing your pension in a warming world. The decisions of pension funds influence whether businesses in Canada and around the world build electric cars and solar panels, or diesel engines and coal-fired power plants.

Many Canadian pension funds are lagging behind and continuing to invest in climate breakdown. Leading funds are helping their pension savers understand these risks and are making major investments in the solutions to tackle climate change. 

Falling behind on climate change puts your pension at risk. Climate change presents serious risks for many industries, companies and the wider economy-- which could impact your retirement savings. 

If you want your pension fund to protect your retirement savings and tackle the climate crisis, take action now.

Tell your pension fund to protect your pension and the planet.